Bringing it all back home

BEFORE                       REALLY BEFORE              DURING

Hi Friends,

The past few months have been more exciting than stressful. Thank goodness. I have had a chance to catch my breath and enjoy the shift from store owner back to designer.

Invironments was my pride and lifetime accomplishment, but as you know, when the shift in the economy shattered the stability of the showroom, I was faced with moving my business back home.  In November the situation boiled down to DESIGN, YES; RETAIL, NO.

The question was, “How do I fit eight years and 2500 sq. feet of retail space into my sweet, but somewhat neglected town home – in less than 4 weeks?!” Over the past decade, I was so busy focusing my design attention on my clients’ projects and the showroom that my own house had become uninspired. My husband and I had a fine kitchen, but bringing potential clients back to my Home Depot, put–it-together-yourself, cabinets, tired laminate counters, blah, blah kitchen, made the pain a little greater. If I don’t say so myself, I did some pretty kick-ass spaces for my clients over the past 11 years, so the thought of living and working in a ho-hum kitchen was super unappealing, and kind of sad.

I called in a few favors from my favorite subs, Matt and his team from Foothills Joinery and Kevin, the painter, from True Colors. I had a few key cabinets I brought back home from KBC Remodel and the willingness to get my hands dirty made this facelift to my own home possible.

You may have guessed, I am kind of a freak for chartreuse and orange, so the palette, although a little daring, was the easy part. I kept the Home Depot base cabinets, took out the standard uppers to replace with a few floating shelves, planned to add two base cabinets and two pantry units, re-purposed a few found pieces and began working on the layout.

For the island, I re-purposed a piece of kirei board from the showroom, to create a counter height eating area.  A chunky piece of wood could capture the same idea.

For the counter top, I chose an inexpensive  specialty sheet of Formica. Using two sheets of well-sanded and finished plywood, the front edge was left “raw” for a modern industrial look. Carefully, and with some professional help, I applied the sheet of Formica. It was beautiful.

How to get this kitchen:

Re-use and/or re-configure the cabinets you already have. Remove some of the upper cabinets and replace with floating shelves. This can lighten up your space and add visual interest.

You can also check out local salvage yards for usable cabinets. You may be able to find some that are perfectly weathered for the right design direction for your kitchen, or you can check out some of the big box stores and look for their paintable cabinet boxes. These are usually not as well built, but they can be a nice affordable option.

A great way to modernize your kitchen is to replace outdated door-and drawer-fronts with solid slab faces. Re-painting old, oak doors is not really appealing. They were not really appealing in stained oak, so they won’t be any better or more updated with paint; a flat panel is better for this look. Have a local craftsman or cabinet shop cut them out of poplar, which is a nice, paintable material and not too expensive. To save even more money, finish the doors and drawer-fronts yourself, but having a local, experienced painter spray on the finish will give you a much more professional look. We used a semi-gloss product for durability.

Overall, I feel like I am getting myself back. I am totally back in design action and ready to assist you with cost conscious and of course, stylish updates for your home. No matter what the economy is doing, it is important to have a safe, happy home to retreat to. Especially now, if you want your home to reflect your best self, but just can’t figure out how to get there, I would love to help. Call me at 720-313-5453.

I am currently booking $175-$225  consultations for 2011.

Two, really nice testimonials

Jodi worked tirelessly to give us a kitchen/dining area that brings out our family’s personality and fills us with joy. Jodi takes the time to get to know you in order to give you a space that is not only beautiful but also connects with your spirit. We love entertaining and wanted a space where people would feel relaxed and comfortable. Since our remodel, everyone who has come into our home immediately comments on the nice “feel” of our home – friends, family, inspectors, chimney sweepers – it’s a place where everyone feels comfortable. I like to tell our friends we never knew what it was like to have a home until Jodi was finished with our space.

Her project management skills are also stellar. We were on a tight deadline with our son’s birth expected a very short time after our kitchen was demo-ed, and the winter holidays quickly approaching. Knowing Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and we had family coming to town, Jodi had a functional kitchen for us by Thanksgiving (3 weeks after our kitchen was demo-ed), and the entire project (including work on other areas of the house) wrapped up by the time our son was born (2 months after the project began). This timeline is even more amazing given there were a number of changes we requested at the last minute (e.g., deciding to have the interior of our house painted, replacing our appliances). Had we been in charge of managing the project ourselves, we never would have been able to keep people on such a tight deadline. The subcontractors also told us that they were extra meticulous when working for Jodi – she has great eye for details and will make sure everything is done perfectly.

The best recommendation I can give is telling you we would hire Jodi again in a heartbeat, and in fact we are now returning customers. We just hired Jodi to design a “big girl” room for our daughter’s 3rd birthday, and are so excited to see what she comes up with this time.

Happy Client: NS

Jodi is deeply committed to creating a modern living space that is inspiring art, joyful, calming, and mindful of human’s connection with nature. Her creativity, innovation and passion transformed our home and provide uplifting renewal each day of our lives. And she was superbly cost-conscious. I would warmly welcome the opportunity to answer any questions or let your take a close look at our, now transformed, home.

Happy Client: VP

Why we are Colorado’s affordable option for all things design:

Invironments has been searching for affordable modern solutions to outfit your home for years. Recently, I have found a new classic mid-century  “inspired” line that has impressed me. These vintage reproductions, afford you the option to create an enviable vibe, without spending an enviable amount of money.

It’s official, Invironments has added funk to the mix

I’ve re-invented, re-considered and re-awakened my passion for all things invironments. If you have visited the store lately, you would have seen that I added vintage treasures, funky finds and cool distressed pieces to my already modern and affordable furniture + gift lines. Anthropologie meets invironments if you will. I am still rockin’ interior design projects. Check out the Speer/Reynolds Renovation.


Like many of you, I am at pivotal crossroads in my life. Professionally, and in some ways personally. 2009 was rough in so many ways. I had insane clients (literally), if you are reading this, it was not you ), pressures at the showroom, and painful layoffs. I have never been one to shy away from a personal growth challenge and I will certainly not shy away from this one. It seems clear we are being called to evaluate what is ethical, true and authentic in our world and in our personal lives.

What I know:

I want to be happy and feel everyday I am making a positive, helpful difference in someone’s life. I want to somehow be a beacon of hope as we maneuver thru this significant shift. We get to make some profound life changing choices right now. TOGETHER we have to make concessions and look out for each other.

Small businesses are being hit hard and I am fighting for my life. I can’t just sell a piece of furniture to make a buck. I can’t and never could design a home just to make it look pretty. For me, there has always been a deeper more poignant purpose to my career choice.

I do believe our home has to be a true and authentic space to let down our guard, re-charge, be safe and happy. A space where everywhere you look, you feel exceptional. You walk in your kitchen and you feel proud that you are eating the foods that sustain your body, cooking and preparing meals in a kitchen created with eco-minded materials, energy star rated appliances. You walk in your bedroom and the very sight of this magnificent space calms you.

In a moment of hope, I signed a two year lease at the end of December for Invironments. I did so trusting and hoping that as a community we would all work together to make the true message and intention of Invironments be experienced and succeed.

I love having the most affordable modern furniture in Boulder. After four days at the Las Vegas furniture show, I found some inspiration and have brought in a few new lines, I know are “within reach” for so many of my customers.

Take a look at Innovations for modern cool sofa beds and bright graphic Amy Butler rugs by Chandra.

Clubber Sofa bed: $1399 and 6×9 Rug: $865

SALE!!! In store & NEW items too!

ReINvention Sale @ Invironments!
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$15,000 Bathroom Eco-Makeover Giveaway Winner Gets Ready for Remodeling to Begin!

Jodi Feinhor-Dennis, owner of Invironments, landed on the front page of The Daily Camera on July 25, 2009, to announce Bathroom Confessions, a $15,000 bathroom eco-makeover giveaway contest. 55 contestants entered, incredible stories were shared and a winner was selected. Now, the remodeling is about to begin!

Invironments along with Boulder County Home & Garden Magazine and other local sponsors banded together in response to threats of a doomed economy to reward a person in the community for simply choosing optimism amidst difficulty. To enter, contestants shared an inspiring story of how they stay hopeful when life throws a curve ball.

The contest was as successful as it was inspirational. The most surprising outcome was just how inspiring people’s stories were! From a man who was laid off so he started a life-long goal to do stand-up comedy, to a woman whose son had died and she saw a recurring white cricket – an omen of her son’s spirit. Many contestants told stories of losing their savings when the stock market plunged, of health issues, of lost jobs – and then told how they keep their spirits up. Some volunteered, some connected with nature, and many said they took time to connect with family and friends.

Of the 55 contestants, Invironments selected Peggy Wrenn, a 58-year-old Boulder native. Her story was moving and inspiring on many levels. She’d had a few “curve balls” within the year: nearing retirement, her net worth dropped by 40% and her best friend passed from cancer. Peggy entered the Bathroom Confessions contest in memory of her late friend, Toni, who had decorated most of Peggy’s home.

Our winner Peggy tells her story best:
Toni REALLY wanted to redo my frumpy bathroom, but we couldn’t afford it. Last summer, on a whim, thinking of Toni, I entered a “Bathroom Confessions Eco-Makeover” contest sponsored by Invironments — a local interior design business — with a prize of a $15,000 bathroom makeover. Per the contest rules, I wrote an essay on how to stay up in hard times, submitted bathroom photos, and went to the shop to record my story on video in their “bathroom confessional”.

When Invironments announced the winner, it ironically landed one year + one day after Toni’s death. Peggy is certain that Toni arranged this and says of her late friend, “Toni deserves the Purple Heart for making lemonade out of lemons, and using her cancer to heal at the deepest levels, to learn about her true self and to offer her unique brand of love vibrantly to the world.”

Many contestants had very inspiring and heart-wrenching stories. Amidst them all, a single statement Peggy said at the end of her video interview stood out from the rest. She said, “When you see every gesture as a gift, you’re too grateful to be scared.”

This Saturday, January 16, Peggy is hosting a party at her home – the date would have been Toni’s 60th birthday. While celebrating Toni’s life, Peggy will show off the decorating Toni accomplished and then Invironments’ designer Jodi Feinhor-Dennis will present design concepts for the bathroom’s eco-makeover.

To create the $15,000 giveaway, Invironments rallied its many local resources in the home-remodeling industry and asked them to be a bathroom makeover partner. Each sponsor jumped on board with a shared vision: to uplift and benefit the community of Boulder County. All materials and labor will be donated by the local sponsors.

Sponsors include:
Boulder County Home & Garden Magazine: Quarterly magazine that links Boulder County homeowners with the wide array of services, resources and products available to them.

Invironments Design: Intuitively designing homes to connect you with your soul. Invironments insulates clients from the stress of a typical home remodel by managing the interior design/remodeling project and budget from concept to completion.

KBC Remodeling: An expert in full-scale, eco-green remodeling, KBC specializes in custom cabinetry solutions.

Go Green Flooring: Family owned since opening in 1982, Go Green offers the latest technology in environmentally sound flooring with knowledgeable service and expert installation technicians.

Splashlight: Unique, modern and stylish, energy-efficient light fixtures.

Boulder Bath: Owner Meri Lynn is the third generation of a family business that specializes in high-end home design products; Boulder Bath offers specialty decorative bath and plumbing fixtures.

Apache Stoneworks: The highest quality installation of tile and stone by a reliable and professional team.

True Colors Painting: Specializing in interior and exterior painting, this crew will use eco-friendly paints and the end result will be crisp edges and a refreshed space.

Ellie’s Home Store: A one-stop shop for healthy, sustainable, recycled and eco friendly products including remodeling products, kitchenware, pet accessories, house cleaning and apparel.